Do It Yourself

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Our showroom at 833 Cynthia Street has samples of our available products. Stop by to see what we have, and to chat with our knowledgeable staff.

Are you ready to DIY? Installing siding yourself can save you money, but before you embark on a project check your skill level: Do you feel confident? Have you done projects like this before? Are you a naturally handy or crafty person?

If so, great! The next step is preparation. Vinyl siding is the best choice for do-it-yourself projects because it’s easier to remove, alter, and reinstall than any other type of siding, and the only special tool you’ll need for the job is an unlocking tool, or zip tool.

We have some great sources to help guide you through the process:
Gentek Vinyl Products Installation Guide
Kaycan Vinyl Siding Estimating and Installation Guide
Mitten How to Install Guide

Once you have a plan in place, you’ll need to choose the right materials. That’s where the experts at Global Exteriors come in. We have a full range of DIY-friendly products, which you can see in our showroom, and we’re happy to give advice and answer any questions you have.

Siding is like putting together a big puzzle, and it’s even easier with the right guidance from experts who have tackled the challenge before.

So what are you waiting for? Get a siding estimate, or give us a ring if you have any questions.